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rules 2.0 by kittirocks25

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rules 2.0 by kittirocks25 Empty rules 2.0 by kittirocks25

Post by kittirocks25 on Thu Jun 25, 2009 3:56 pm

Welcome to solar penguins, Created by Blastoise445!

I am "your host", kittirocks25, well one of them and I'd like to take a second to thank
you for taking the time to read over the forum rules here.

"These rules are way too long how do you expect me to remember these?"
Really once you start to take a look at them you'll see how "common"
they actually kind of are. You'd be surprised how easy they will stick
in your head even if you read them just once.

First and foremost, the main guiding idea behind all of these
rules is COMMON SENSE. If what you are posting may be hurtful to others
or contains ways to cheat at the Club Penguin game, please do not post
it. Warnings and Bans will be given out to users who violate the rules.

~General Rules~

1.No Spamming
This may be one of the most important rules on this forum. Spam is something
that no forum wants. To prevent yourself from creating spam, do not
post small posts. Stay on topic. Do not post many of the same
characters or many smilies on one post.

2. Proper Grammar
This forum is not a chat room, or a messaging playground. Use proper English grammar, and do not use any text speech.

3. Bumping Threads
You are allowed to bump your own threads by posting in them, but only if it concerns the following.
* Help topic- you need that no one is helping you with
* Information topic- a thread that has a good bit of information that others should now about
* Event topic- a topic that involves you throwing a party, or holiday event (As long as the event is not over yet

You are not allowed to bump any of the following threads.
* Birthday or Occasional topic- a thread that is for someone's birthday or holiday occasion that has already occurred
* Normal topic- a topic that you post about something that is not very important

4. Registered Accounts
It is required that you only make one account on these forums. Registering more than one account is against the rules.

5. Name Changes
If you would like to have your name changed, then please PM(Private
Message) an admin of the forum to the name you want. YOU CAN ONLY HAVE
YOUR NAME CHANGED ONCE. If you want it back to your original name, then
once again PM an admin of the forum.

6. Bad Language
Bad language such as swearing is prohibited from these forums. If a user
trys to swear, the word will most likely be censored with *Bad Word*.
If you these this censored word exactly as *Bad Word*, than immediately
report that post.

7. Posting
This is a important part to the forums. When you make a post, make sure it
is completely on topic. Do not post with any kinds of text speech (wat,
thnx, kewl) and other words like that. ALWAYS USE PROPER GRAMMAR WHEN
POSTING. You get 3 warns with this.

8. No Flaming
This is a rule to make to make the forum a friendly and nice forum. So
please do not yell or be rude to other users. Even if you do not like
one another, do not fight with each other on here.

9. No HACK Talk
Hacking is illegal, which means it is against the law. Therefore, it is to not be talked about on this forum in any way.

10. No Caps Lock Letters
DO NOT TYPE LETTERS OR MESSAGES LIKE THIS. It looks like you are yelling
on the forums. If this does happen there will be first a warning then
the second time you do it; it will turn into a automatic ban!

11. No Advertising
There is to be no advertising in your own topics. Warnings will be given out
to users that do this. YOU MAY advertise using your signature or avatar.

12. No Backseat Moderating
Please no backseat moderating. This is oftenly seen a BUNCH. Backseat moderating is telling a person what to do if you're not a mod, let the mod do their job, or admin, and let them take care of it, or instead of having to reply with backseat moderating (BSM) just simply click the "M" icon at the top right corner of the post, it should have a black shadow around it, click it and leave your comments there, and describe what the user is doing. This could.. result in an infraction for you.

13. No Asking To be Staff
Please do not ask staff members if you can be a Moderator or Admin. We are
always looking at who is helpful and knows a lot about where they are
posting, so in a way we are "always" looking for new Moderators. If we
think you'd make a great addition to our team we will contact you, not
the other way around.

14. Don't be rude to other users (or the Staff)
Be nice to other posters, if you see someone new, rather than make fun
of him/her, why don't you offer to help them out and show them how the
forums work? Also, please do not attack the Moderators (or their
websites). The Moderators have a hard enough time dealing with all of
the activity here on the forums, don't make it worse by making them
feel bad. They are people too. We also understand that English is not
everyone's first language and that some people naturally have a hard
time reading and writing. If you see someone doing their best to be a
good poster, we ask that you do not be rude to them.

15. This forum is not about popularity
it's about making friends and having a good time talking about Club
Penguin and other stuff. Please don't make polls about who is cooler or
showing off how many posts you have or when you joined. New users can
be just as cool as you, give them a chance too. Likewise, do NOT insult
users based upon their join date or post count. It is quality over
quantity, and if we catch you doing it, then we are going to reset your
account to ZERO posts and TODAY as your join date

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